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New App Features, Document Memos and Manage Payment Options

Check out the latest updates requested by our customers. We've made it easier to follow up on leads on the go, create memo and email templates and control the different payment options available to your clients.

Shoshana Nacass

JULY 8, 2021

You’re busy, we get it, and we’re here to bring you the tools you need to move your business forward. Check out these new time-saving features in Houzz Pro. 

Your Houzz Pro Mobile App Got Smarter: Log Your Calls On-The-Go and Reply Quickly with Saved Replies:

With the app, it's a snap to check your leads daily and respond quickly with message templates or a phone call. 

Easily log call details and update contact and other information right in the app - plus we’ll remind you after every call.

You can now reply to your prospects by email or text message with just a few taps on your phone.

When you receive a lead, you can use the Saved Replies on the Houzz Pro app to let them know if you are interested in the project or unavailable at the moment. Houzz Pro offers default replies which you can edit. Learn more here.

New Tools in Estimates: Default Memos & Email Templates

Per your request, we are introducing the ability to create document memo templates so you can add important information and notes to your estimates, change orders, and more – no need to type or copy/paste!

Set default memo templates and apply them across all projects or a single project.

When you create a new estimate, click on “my templates” at the bottom left corner of the memo section and insert the saved text you want. 

The same trick applies to terms and conditions, and any email going out with your estimate, change order, or invoice. You can use email templates instead of writing a new email message from scratch. Head over to “my templates” to insert a default email message.

You can also easily customize the email message at the time of sending out the document. Check out this tutorial to learn more about this feature.

Decide How You Want to Get Paid

Did you know Houzz Pro processes billions of dollars in transactions for pros like you? We offer a seamless way to accept credit cards and bank transfers, and payments will be logged automatically in your project financials! Check out the tutorial here.

By popular demand, you can now choose which payment methods are available to clients, whether it’s bank transfer (ACH), credit card, or both. Head over to your account settings to edit your payment method settings at the account level. You can also decide to customize these settings at the project-level. Check out our easy instructions here.

Each month, we receive fantastic feature ideas from our community of Houzz Pro users. Please keep sharing your suggestions with us. We are grateful to all our pros for the continuous feedback – it is truly an honor to build the Houzz Pro solution hand-in-hand with you and see how Houzz Pro is helping you grow your business.

Shoshana Nacass

Shoshana Nacass is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Houzz. Originally from Paris. Currently based in Tel Aviv. Inspired daily by our community of pros transforming homes around the world.

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