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Client Follow Up and Nurture Tips

An effective contact strategy can be your best asset in converting potential customers to signed clients. Check out these tips on how to effectively contact and nurture your prospects to get a response.

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OCTOBER 16, 2020
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• Follow-up voicemails should be 20-30 seconds in length.

• State your name, company, and reason for calling.

• Ask a question to entice the homeowner to call back.

• Leave your phone number.

• Provide your email address and let prospects know they can contact you via email if they prefer.


• Send an email directly after leaving your first voicemail.

• Emails between 50-125 words are most effective for touch-base emails. (Source: Boomerang)

• Use a three or four word subject line. Anything longer than seven words will be cut off on mobile email apps.

• Ask one to three questions in the email.

• Try sending your followup emails at 10 AM for the highest chance of getting the prospect to open your email, with 8 PM, 2 PM, or 6 AM as the next three best options. (Source: Coschedule)

• Vary your email times to increase chances of connecting with your prospect.


• Create a quarterly or monthly email newsletter.

• Invite prospects to connect with you on Houzz and social media channels.

• Share articles about trends.

• Share industry updates or research reports.

• Invite prospects to industry events open to the public.

• Share offers or promotions for your services.

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