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Real estate agents are a terrific source of referrals for your home design or renovation business. They are experts in the housing market, develop relationships with homeowners, and stay on top of the trends that sell. They’ll work directly with sellers to recommend upgrades and enhancements that generate the most interest and highest purchase price. And, they are often the first to present homebuyers with ideas to renovate, reinvigorate, and redesign spaces to transform them into their ideal next home. To increase referrals from real estate professionals, get to know them in your target markets with these avenues:

Hope Dorman

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020


Request a meeting in advance and arrive prepared with a five to ten minute pitch and photos of examples of your work.


Identify agents who may be affiliated with builder organizations, then request an introduction with the agent or meet them at a local event.


Agents may be members or attend Chamber of Commerce events to generate new business. Look for networking opportunities hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in your area to connect.


Meet agents who are selling homes in the neighborhood where you accept projects, and approach them when visitor traffic is slow.


Ask homeowners you are working with if they’re renovating in preparation to sell. If so, ask to connect with their listing agent and showcase your work.


Find a real estate agent through your friends, family, or neighbors. If past clients listed their home for sale, let their agent know your company performed the work.

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Hope Dorman is a Content Marketing Senior Associate based in Orange County, California. She loves timeless design, creative space solutions, and getting inspiration from Houzz to keep crafting her home.

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