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Hesitant to Introduce New Technology Into Your Business? 10 Pros Reflect on Why They Adopted All-in-One Software

See what pros say about why they are among 2.5 million business owners that decided to make all-in-one software a key to their business success

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Regardless of what industry you are in, running your own business can be all-consuming. Between dealing with clients, communicating with vendors, and keeping  everything  within budget, business owners are master jugglers. And with so many moving parts vying for their attention, more and more pros are turning to tech solutions to streamline, manage and evolve their business.

Still, getting started can seem daunting for some. To help, we’ve asked a group of build and design professionals for their best advice to business owners who may be reticent about transitioning to new technologies such as Houzz Pro. Simplifying mounds of paperwork, enhancing confidence among their clients, and taking more control over their business are just a few of the reasons they say they upgraded their tech presence and never looked back.

Save time, increase profits

“Time is money in this industry. The more time you spend putting an estimate together, getting a lead imported into the system, the more money you're losing. I'm the type of person I like to be out in the field, and I like to build myself, I love framing and stuff, so for me to spend five hours doing an estimate is not beneficial. For me to chase clients for checks, it's not beneficial. The value that I bring to the table is closing the deal, making sure the project is off the ground and sometimes getting my hands dirty. I would say they're definitely missing out because it (Houzz Pro) saves so much time.” 

-Taghi Shaw, of  Waze Development LLC,

“There's so many areas that will be beneficial to your business, whether you use all of it or just a part of it. The Product Clipper tool has been heaven-sent to me and that's how I started. As soon as I really sat down and made the time, it saved me so much time. It's definitely worthwhile looking into it.I don't see how it could not  fit anyone's business.” 

- Lynda MacDonald of The Design Chaperone 

“I'm able to start up my office anywhere in the world that I am because I have access to the internet, and therefore I have access to all my projects, and everything that I need to get my work done. For me, that's the best-- That's such a great system, and being able to present to my clients an organized list of the things that we're going to be adding to the space and the things that we're going to be purchasing and having it be something that they can approve or disapprove and pay online. Like, to me that process has allowed me to focus on the creative part where that handles the organizational part.”

- Ruben Gutierrez of Errez Design Inc

“Houzz Pro is excellent for project management. When I win the job, I convert customers to projects without having to copy and paste over information into a separate software, which means I can use my time to generate more revenue for my business. From there I can track everything, all the information is uniform. It’s also great for keeping track of materials I need to buy, job site to-dos, take-offs and hours I’ve spent.”

- Raymond Chung of The Raystruction Group LLC 

“Houzz Pro has really helped me take my time back, which is important because time is really essential to having a business I remember having to go into Excel and create spreadsheets for everything, but now I have all of my proposals, I can track all of my projects and communicate with clients throughout the entire project all directly through Houzz Pro.” 

- Maegan Swabb of M. Swabb Decor + Style

Transform your business with one simple solution

“You’ve got to do it. It's going to change your business to have everything in one spot.  Whether you're just going to try out something like Houzz Pro for the very first time, it's scary, because you're like, ‘I've been doing it one way for so long,’ but once you get integrated it makes your day-to-day business life so much easier.”

 - Andrea Fava of Motivo Home

I would tell people to take the chance to figure it out because it's worth it. It's worth getting that exposure just by itself. It's worth betting on yourself. I have got my return on my investment with the Houzz Pro. I'm actually looking into investing more.”

 - TeVangelia Wren of TV Interiors 

“In short, it makes my life easier and that is invaluable. You want to know how to make a successful person or a person who has a busy life happy? You make their life easier. I think that's why Houzz Pro from day one really became the silent partner of what we do, and then introducing our clients to Houzz and available tools gives them just enough information to give them confidence.” 

- Dave Spetrino of PBC Design + Build 

“What's the hesitation?" Why would you not want to market yourself more? Why would you not want to be able to have time to manage your project? It's a one-stop shop, being able to take advantage of Houzz Trade program. Without it, I feel like they would be limiting what their business can do.” 

- Melissa Fields of Shades of Gray Design Studio 

Anybody I run into, that is in this business from an interior designer, a contractor, and manufacturer that is not using the system, is doing a disservice to themselves. The first thing I tell them is, "Your stepping stone into that business should be nothing but Houzz Pro, because your life will get easier, you're also going to start getting clients easier, and it’s going to also help you derive a streamlined process and a pipeline for your company."

- Blake Eastwood of Entire Home

Ready to let technology carry some of your load?

Learn more about how Houzz Pro can help your business make a smooth tech transition.

Houzz Pro is the all-in-one tool for marketing, project and client management built specifically for remodeling, build, and design professionals.

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