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New 2D & 3D Kitchen Design Options in Houzz Pro

From sink and faucet customization to new countertop settings, our new kitchen customization options are here to take your floor plans to the next level. 

Leeyen Rogers

MAY 25, 2021

Want to create beautiful, accurate floor plans in minutes, not hours? The Houzz Pro 3D Floor Planner tool empowers designers, builders, and remodeling professionals to easily whip up floor plans that impress clients and help them visualize your plans for their project. 

Our 3D Floor Planner is here to help you impress prospective clients and convert them into paying customers. You can quickly create floor plans that help your clients make a decision about their spatial planning and design preferences. 

So what’s brand new in our 3D Floor Planner? Powerful kitchen customization options including

  • countertop materials and edge styles
  • handles and knobs
  • new appliances and appliance cabinets
  • sink and faucet customization - including farmhouse sinks

Watch the video tutorial below to see our latest kitchen enhancements in action:

Want to learn more about a specific feature in the video? Jump straight to it: 

0:24 - Kitchen products

01:02 - Search capability

01:21 - Automatic rotation and snap to the wall

02:17 - Flush alignment with other products

02:31 - Duplicate a product

02:43 - Change dimensions and configuration 

03:37 - Appliances

04:34 - Cabinets and Fillers

05:59 - Islands

06:17 - Floating Shelves

06:43 - Cabinet finishes

07:03 - Hardware (knobs, handles)

07:58 - Countertops (material, edge design)

08:38 - Sink and faucets

09:22 - Deleting a wall

As you can see, the Houzz Pro 3D floor planner offers a full suite of kitchen design capabilities. Add custom cabinets from base and wall to tall and islands. Select from a variety of door styles and finishes. Drag-and-drop sinks, appliances, range hoods, and more. 

Cabinet hardware can be customized by style and finish. Select your countertop material, and choose from edge styles -from bevel to bullnose. You can choose different panel styles, wood finishes as well as paint colors from thousands of Benjamin Moore shades and apply these selections to as many cabinets as you want with a click of a button.

“Being able to show our clients a 3D floor plan of their project helps them to envision their life in the space which makes the entire process move forward more smoothly,” said Lindsay Floyd, designer and purchaser at kitchen and bath remodeling firm, Kimber Homes. “The Houzz Pro 3D Floor Planner makes it easy to create multiple versions of a kitchen project with different layouts and details like gray shaker cabinets paired with granite countertops. Clients can see all of the possibilities for their kitchen and the varying costs of each, before making a decision. They feel like they know exactly what they’re getting.”

All of these kitchen customization options are available now in Houzz Pro - try it now!

“Being able to show our clients a 3D floor plan of their project helps them to envision their life in the space which makes the entire process move forward more smoothly,” said Lindsay Floyd of Kimber Homes. “Clients feel like they know exactly what they’re getting.”

Win more clients by offering an impressive customer experience. Houzz Pro offers 3D floor plans, branded invoices, a client dashboard and more.

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Leeyen Rogers is a Product Marketing Manager on the Houzz Pro team. San Francisco resident. Drawn to inspiration on Houzz that celebrates compact city living.

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  • Isaiah Brown
    3 months ago

    @Richard A Lefcourt Architect PC, great question! Unfortunately, you cannot import a floor plan into the Houzz Floor Planner tool at this time.

  • PRO
    Richard A Lefcourt Architect PC
    3 months ago

    Is it possible to import a floor plan in dwg format into the Houzz Floor Planner Tool?

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