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How Construction Pros Can Go Green With Houzz Pro

Taking small steps to help the environment can help your business too

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Folks across the USA are reducing, reusing and recycling in an effort to lower their environmental impact on the planet. And many homeowners are looking to work with construction companies that are aligned with those efforts. Even if you’re not ready to take a full leap into green construction, you can attract clients by showing your support for eco-friendly practices. A great way to start is with Houzz Pro software — it won’t just reduce your environmental footprint; it will streamline your processes and save you money. Here’s how.

1. Save Money on Gas

Houzz Pro fosters working remotely with features like shareable 3D floor plans and in-app video consultations. Benefit for you: less time spent driving to clients’ homes. Benefit for the planet: fewer fossil-fuel emissions. Many construction professionals accomplish other tasks remotely too. “We do a lot of online ordering,” says Tasha Ranieri of Ranieri Construction in Las Vegas. “I utilize the internet as much as possible. We don’t visit suppliers locally and things like that, unless we absolutely have to.” Her mother and partner, Stacey Ranieri, agrees: “We can shop online for free,” she says. “We’re not burning up gas.” With the price of gas these days, it’s no small savings.

Houzz Pro also streamlines your business processes with tools akin to what a personal assistant would do. This means you’ll need to hire fewer people to do your admin work, which further reduces commuting. The built-in invoicing software, for example, makes the payment process quick and easy. It lets you create polished, professional invoices that are easy for clients to understand. All they have to do is click a button to initiate a payment online—no driving to the post office to mail a check. 

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2. Reduce Costly Waste 

The construction process sometimes involves shipping delays, price changes and clients’ changing their minds. But efficient and regular communication can minimize mistakes or even prevent them entirely — saving you the expense of having to return misordered materials, for example, if you can even return them at all. Houzz Pro integrates email accounts, video calls, online calendars and daily logs, so all of your information is in one place and cross-checking is easy. Plus, clients can view progress photos and notes, and follow the project timeline, so they always know what’s going on and can speak up if something isn’t right — another way to keep costly mistakes at bay. 

“Houzz Pro is my platform to keep everything organized for the client to easily see and understand and know where everything’s at,” says Bryan Payne, owner of Arizona construction firm Many Mansions.

“I like to send picture updates,” says Taghi Shaw of Waze Development in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Communication is important so that you don’t get to the finish line and they look at it and say, ‘That’s not what I thought it would turn out to be.’” With Houzz Pro you’re more likely to get it right the first time, so you won’t have to shell out for the cost of do-overs.

3. Lower Emissions While Saving Time and Energy 

Houzz Pro - the all-in-one tool for marketing, project and client management built specifically for remodeling professionals - is cloud-based software, meaning you can store and access data from anywhere in the world where you can connect to the internet. Cloud computing leverages aggregated resources to reduce carbon dioxide emissions — an environmental benefit. But more immediately for you, it gives you easier and more convenient access to information — right from your smartphone. You can track time spent on projects, source products, send invoices and more from a jobsite, from home or even while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store. And because Houzz Pro lets you do everything through a single app, you’ll save time and effort.

4. Spend Less on Paper

Did you know that paper alone accounts for 40% of waste in the U.S.? Not to mention the fact that it isn’t getting any cheaper. As a digital all-in-one construction business management software, Houzz Pro cuts down on paper use and can even help you go paperless. Administrative tasks that would typically require creating hard copies, such as writing up estimates, proposals and invoices, can now be done digitally with fully customizable templates. “I do all my admin work through Houzz Pro,” Shaw says. “There’s not a single feature that the platform is missing.” 

Taking the simple steps above can help the planet in the long run, but it can greatly improve your business’ bottom line right away. Try Houzz Pro at no cost today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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