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How Houzz Pro Helps Designers Think Visually

Bring your interior designs to life with digital visualization tools

Allison Monea

For any designer, the ability to think visually is a must. This is especially true while making initial pitches and during the beginning stages of any project. Since the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than written words, images, sketches, and charts are a better way to convey your ideas to clients more quickly. At each stage of that process, Houzz Pro provides visualization tools for fleshing out ideas, helping clients understand your vision and getting to that final approval more quickly.

Here are 3 steps along the visualization journey and the tools to help:

Convey Your Initial Ideas 

At the start of any project, drawing a sketch, or grouping written ideas together activates a different part of the brain that helps others visualize what matters the most. And if seeing is believing, it is Houzz Pro Mood Boards that take designers there. Renovation pros  upload imagery from any source, add text and use the removal tool to extract any distracting background clutter from the photographs. The measurement tool within the Interior Design Mood Board Creator  puts everything in spatial perspective so homeowners can see where their current or new furnishings will fit in a room. Try out different scenarios with the layering tool that lets you move images where you want them. With this type of visual tool, designers can easily show clients their vision clearly and impactfully.  

Easily Make Adjustments

Change happens, and digital tools offer the flexibility to make adjustments to a design as the ideation moves forward. With online experimentations fast becoming the norm to test different color schemes and furniture arrangements, gone are the days of dragging sofas across the room or painting swatches on every wall. With Houzz Pro 3D Floor Planner  you can master the art of space planning with minimal effort. Room dimensions and ceiling heights can be measured on a mobile device, then add products to the floor plan using standardized products to show size and scale. Or tap your Houzz Product Library to put recommended products in place and resize to match the exact product dimensions.  

This ability to quickly create multiple versions of a project with varied layouts and costs lets pros give their clients choices to help them make a final decision.

Test Drive Designs

Presenting clients with sketches is often only part of the design process. Customers often find it difficult to envision a renovation concept in the same way that you have planned just by looking at drawings. To avoid miscommunications and surprises during the life of the project, pros today give their clients a chance to step inside the designed room before the building begins. The Houzz Pro Lifesize Walkthrough uses Augmented Reality so pros can turn their 3D floor plans into a virtual tour of what the renovation will look and feel like. This is all done against the backdrop of their current home so they can see how all the design pieces fit together. The more you can test out your designs, the more clients can see and the more accurate and timely feedback you will receive, reducing multiple and costly rounds of back and forth leading to final approval.  

Because the ability to think visually is necessary at each step of a project, having an all-encompassing design tool like Houzz Pro is key to allowing home professionals streamline and manage the steps from concept to presentation. Try it out today!

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Allison Monea is an Associate Content Writer at Houzz. A lover of art, design and her local Seattle scene.

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