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How to Get the Most Out of Your Houzz Pro Advertising and Marketing Program

Attract more leads with less effort by maximizing your pro account’s potential  

Stephan Rabimov

Looking to grow your business? Houzz Pro’s subscription advertising program can help by connecting you with qualified homeowners who are looking for a pro in the locations your business serves, and who are a good fit for your services. Here we’ll explain the features of the program and how to maximize their benefits to get the leads and clients you’re looking for.

Pro Directory

The Houzz Pro Directory is an incredible resource for homeowners searching for design, building, remodeling and decorating professionals. While it shows both organic and sponsored listings in the search results, the latter is the best way to make your profile stand out and show higher up in the listings. 

“What Houzz has provided to my firm is the ability to be busy enough so as to make the good jobs increasingly of a higher quality and the great jobs even better,” says Nathan Buhler of BLDG Workshop in Toronto, Ontario. “I convert 20% - 30% of the Houzz leads I get. Overall, my enhanced exposure on Houzz has probably doubled my yearly sales.”

Organic listings can earn traffic based on the completeness of the profile, the number of client reviews and high-quality photos, how recently the photos have been uploaded and other factors. But paying for a sponsored listing is a smart strategy to ensure that homeowners in your target area see your photos. Sponsored listings also feature reviews and business highlights, and have stronger calls to action, such as “View more of my portfolio.” 

Photo Stream

The Houzz photo stream displays pros’ work to homeowners via portfolio photos based on an algorithm that takes multiple elements into consideration, including image size, keywords, search filters, descriptions and location. 

There are plenty of ways that you can get more attention for your photos. For example, by providing thorough descriptions and making full use of keywords to describe your images, homeowners can find them more easily as they search the site for inspiration and ideas. 

“Once I upload photos, I’ll tag them with brands, products and details about actual materials and finishes, because a lot of times homeowners are searching for those specific things,” says Julie Lehite of KabCo Kitchens in Pembroke Pines, Florida. “The more informative I can make the descriptions and keywords, the more likely users are to find the photo.”

Houzz Pro Ultimate members get increased exposure through targeted local advertising. They also get dedicated support from a Client Success Manager who helps them optimize their photos for maximum exposure. 

“As we’ve extended our business in different areas of the country, Houzz’s local marketing program has offered our business terrific rates and the leads begin generating within a few weeks,” says Penny Bergstrom of Delicious Decors in Montecito, California. “We have tried advertising with other internet based businesses, and there is no comparison of the success rate, quality of leads and customer service we continue to receive from Houzz.”

Project Match

Houzz Pro Ultimate members can get leads through Project Match as well. Homeowners answer questions about their location, their budget, the services they’re looking for, the status of their project, when they want to get started and more. Based on their answers, Project Match produces up to five pro matches. The homeowner then receives the contact information and links to Houzz profiles of those pros, and the pros receive contact info for the homeowner. 

To get the most out of this feature, make sure all your preferences are specified under the Lead Settings tab in your account. Check the boxes for what budget you’d prefer to work with, the scope of design, and the construction and installation services you provide. Also add high-quality, eye-catching photos that showcase your best work. Houzz Pro’s algorithms automatically generate photos for some services, but you can choose others if you prefer.  

Under the Location tab, check the boxes for the ZIP codes and cities you work in. Zoom in on the map at the right to see ZIP codes if you don’t know them already. The more details you give, the better Project Match will work to connect you with ideal leads. And the wider you cast your net, the more leads you will get. 

“Seventy-five percent of my design business now comes from Houzz, and I find that Houzz leads are of good quality. I have so far completed 11 jobs and have three currently in the works. It's way better than other marketing methods because it is more targeted,” says Holly Stickley of The White Pear, Design & Build in Portland, Oregon.

Visual Match

One new feature of Project Match for large projects like major remodels and new builds is Visual Match. As part of the matching process, homeowners are presented with photos from the portfolios of pros who match the selected criteria. Homeowners choose the work they like, and Houzz uses that data as another way to increase the relevance of the match. To increase the likelihood of getting a Visual Match, it helps to have high-quality project photos correctly categorized by space and style. 

Houzz Pro has been this beautiful alignment of consistent results, great customer service and honestly great projects for my company. So the relationship with Houzz Pro has been one that has frankly been rewarding from day one,” says John McClain of John McClain Design in Orlando, Florida.

Live Connections

If you’ve ever missed out on a job because you were too busy to return calls from leads right away, the Live Connections service is for you. Studies have shown that responding to a potential client within five minutes is 21 times more effective than calling after 30 minutes, and 78% of customers will go with the company that responds to their inquiry first. With Live Connections, Houzz Pro Ultimate members are eligible to receive leads for certain project types that are screened by a Houzz Concierge who will facilitate real-time connections over the phone with pre-screened homeowners right away. The Concierge will verify a homeowner’s project request by phone, then contact the pro if it’s a good fit. Pros can chat with the rep about the project and decide if they’d like to be connected with the homeowner on the spot. You can also opt to receive notifications by text when a homeowner is on the phone ready to speak with you.

It’s important to fill in the days and times when you’re willing to accept calls from the Concierge and connections to homeowners, as well as the best phone number at which to reach you. Providing business details like licenses and business specialties give the Concierge talking points to help pre-sell you to the homeowner. 

“Houzz is one of the reasons our company is doing so well. The Live Connections program gives me more information about the client before talking to them so I am in a better place to help them with their project needs,” says Max Woodham of db DesignBuild.

Some Houzz Pro features and services are premium and available only with certain membership plans. (See plans and pricing here.) Contact the Sales team today to find out which plan and services are best suited to take your business to the next level.

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Stephan Rabimov

Stephan Rabimov leads Content Marketing at Houzz. Portland resident. Global citizen. Nature loving.

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