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How To Grow Your Interior Design Business With CRM Tools

Attention to detail begins with proper customer relationship management.

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APRIL 8, 2021

At the heart of many busy businesses is the notion of Customer Relationship Management or CRM. This refers to creating and maintaining positive relationships with customers, which is an extremely important skill to have as an interior designer. It doesn’t matter how hard you work on your mood boards and color palettes if you can't gain or keep clients, you won’t grow your business. This is why so many interior designers are investing into CRM software solutions today. With over 92% of businesses describing CRM as a crucial tool in achieving their revenue goals, it’s no wonder that the CRM software market is one the fastest growing in the world right now and is expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenue by 2025.

A simple look at the statistics shows the benefits of CRM solutions. According to a study by Finances Online, of the businesses that used CRM software, 74% noticed improved customer relationships, 65% saw an increased sales, 50% boast improved productivity and 40% found labor cost reductions. Without CRM tools, important steps that are crucial in maintaining positive client relationships become reliant on memory, so it’s easy to forget important client details, or which leads to prioritize. Attention to detail begins with proper customer relationship management.

Houzz Pro solves these issues with a built-in CRM solution that allows you to focus on both prospective clients and existing ones, using two key CRM strategies: lead management and improved client communication.

Lead management for prospective clients

We understand the challenge of landing new clients. CRM software gives you an edge, but not all software is created equal. Houzz Pro makes lead management efficient and easy by having all the necessary tools in one central place. 

Studies show that only 2% of sales occur when two parties meet for the first time, and it takes an average of five follow-ups after the initial contact to win a project. Therefore, following up with clients is one of the most crucial stages of converting a lead into a potential interior design project. Houzz Pro lead management tools make the process seamless and efficient.

  • To start, leads from Houzz Pro will appear automatically in the Houzz Pro CRM, however you can add any leads from any source into one unified database on Houzz Pro. You can easily organize, view, and follow up on all your leads from a central dashboard no matter where they came from. Use the Houzz Pro mobile app so you can even do it on the go or in the field. Our tools will help prevent delays and ensure you will close business faster. 

  • The Houzz Pro CRM features a leads phases bar, which allows you to move your leads from stage to stage, and know when it’s time to follow up.  According to InsideSales, 30-50% of leads are closed by whoever follows up first. This leads phase bar can help you stay on top of all your leads and prompt you to follow up before competition does. 

  • You can integrate your calendar and view upcoming meetings at a glance, ensuring you’re always on time and never miss a call or meeting. Clients respect professionals that value their time, and showing up on-time - supported by the Houzz Pro calendar integration-  is one of the best first impressions you can make and you can control.

  • The built-in messaging feature allows you to view emails, photos and files that you have sent or received in one place. No more wasting time scouring through your inbox to find that one file you seem to have misplaced. This also ensures prompt replies and clear communication on your part. 

  • Upload estimates and proposals from any source, making closing the deal as simple as a few clicks. Studies show that businesses who don’t create accurate estimates can see a decrease of between 10-20% in productivity because of time spent on changes. The Houzz Pro can help you avoid that. You can also track when your estimates have been approved.

Improved communication for existing clients 

Happy customers spell more future business. From positive reviews to direct referrals of your business by satisfied clients, paying proper attention to customer relations management will return good dividends for your business. The Houzz Pro CRM tools help you maintain an informed and positive client relationship so you can ensure that they will come back to you for future design projects or keep referring you to their friends and family. The Houzz Pro client dashboard is designed to focus on improving client satisfaction through open and seamless communication - and with 84% of companies reporting an increase in revenue following an improved customer experience, working with the Houzz Pro CRM tools is a wise win-win investment.

Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than ones that aren't. The Houzz Pro client portal has 3 main features that give your clients everything they need at their fingertips:

  • Collaboration: Clients can send and receive messages and view your shared history of conversations, documents, photos and more. Strong communication and collaboration is key to the success of any design project. Honest, constructive feedback can help you identify any problems in your design process, fix anything your client doesn’t like or has changed their mind about, and make sure they are on board with every step of the project.

  • Daily logs: Clients can view your latest notes if you make them public, review project progress, view progress photos, among other daily log activities, which saves them from having to check-in with you every time they want an update. This will not only foster trust among your clients, but they’ll also appreciate being kept in the loop at every stage of the project. Clients will also automatically be reminded of outstanding action items, like making a progress payment. This will prevent delays and speed up the entire design process, ensuring the project is completed on time.

Overall, the Houzz Pro CRM software is designed to make sure you meet all of your customers’ needs. It facilitates greater communication, organization and will drastically improve your client relationships. It also saves you a ton of time by streamlining and automating those tedious admin tasks no one wants to do. It’s like having your very own personal assistant! 

Try Houzz Pro CRM tools for free to start building lasting, positive relationships with your clients, leaving them happy and ensuring it is you they return to for future projects.

Houzz Pro is the all-in-one tool for marketing, project and client management built specifically for remodeling, build, and design professionals.

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  • Isaiah Brown
    4 months ago

    @FinelyBuilt LLC Yes. Your client only sees available times in your calendar if you give them the one-time option to select a meeting time with you. Your calendar is not exposed in the project timeline or at any time in general to your client, and the content of your calendar is never visible. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • PRO
    FinelyBuilt LLC
    5 months ago

    I would like the calendar feature to be more private , meaning to have the option to not have the client see my side of my calendar. Is this possible?

    Thank You,

    Peter Wahllberg