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How to Navigate Around Houzz Pro

Easily view your leads, build an estimate, edit an invoice, create a floor plan, update your project’s timeline, and more. Learn how to quickly navigate to the features you need on your computer or laptop.

Leeyen Rogers

JULY 6, 2021
houzz pro

You have a need for speed. We’re in the business of increasing your productivity and helping you run your business more efficiently. Read on to learn how to get where you need to go in Houzz Pro quickly.

Houzz Pro navigation

Houzz Pro Navigation 

Your Houzz Pro homepage is your home base to get things done. Up at the top, you’ll see the main navigation. You can access any feature from here. Simply select the category of activity you need (Marketing, Leads, Projects, Finances, Design, and More). 

navigation dropdown

Then, select the feature you want to access from the dropdown menu. 

Note that you can contact our friendly Houzz Pro Support team from "Help" at the top!

quickly create a new document in Houzz Pro

Want to quickly create a new Estimate, Invoice, Floor Plan, Mood Board, or Lead? You can do so with just 1 click:

houzz pro settings


If you’d like to set up or edit your Settings, you can access it from the top navigation. Click on your profile photo and select Houzz Pro Settings. 

The Houzz Pro Settings that you can set up include 

  • Online Payments: get ready to accept online payments from your clients!
  • Billing: Got a new credit card? You can update your subscription payment method here
  • Subscriptions: Ppdate which Houzz Pro plan you’d like to be on, and if you advertise with Houzz you can adjust your advertising preferences here
  • Team: Invite your employees to collaborate with you in Houzz Pro - you choose what they access
  • Calendar: Connect your calendar to Houzz Pro to gain access to scheduling features that save you time 
  • And more! 

Are you finding everything you need in Houzz Pro quickly and easily? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Leeyen Rogers is a Product Marketing Manager on the Houzz Pro team. San Francisco resident. Drawn to inspiration on Houzz that celebrates compact city living.

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