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New! Earn Badges That Highlight the Number of Projects You've Won

We’re now offering badges (“Hires on Houzz” and “Verified Hires”) that you can earn so that your profile and directory listing make you stand out as a trusted, hired pro on Houzz. 

Leeyen Rogers

MAY 4, 2021
Rooney ResidenceChris Corbett Design

The Houzz Pro team is constantly conducting research so that we can better serve our community of pros. We’ve learned from recent research that homeowners like to see validation from a third party about the number of times a pro has been hired on Houzz. 

We currently provide third party validation for pros through our Best of Houzz Awards which honors the best of the best pros on Houzz. It also serves as a trust signal for homeowners.

We are excited to introduce more ways pros can signal trust to homeowners with two new merit badges for our premium pros: Hires on Houzz and Verified Hires.

What's the “Hires on Houzz” badge? 

The “Hires on Houzz” badge displays a count of leads that have come to you through Houzz that have converted into won projects. The "Hires on Houzz" badge is available to our Essential and Ultimate customers.

Hires on Houzz

Any lead that you receive through Houzz directly into the Houzz Pro CRM, or that you manually record in the CRM with source “Houzz” (e.g. from phone calls, emails, or website forms), and that you subsequently convert to a project within the CRM, will feed the count displayed on the badge.

We track this for you, so you don’t need to take any additional steps to have your earned Hires on Houzz badge show up on your profile and directory listing. Learn more about Hires on Houzz here.

What is the “Verified Hires” badge? 

The “Verified Hires” badge displays a count of the times you’ve been hired through any source, using the number of projects for which you’ve had a qualifying online payment (minimum $1,000) as a way to verify and count the hires. All of our premium customers are eligible to earn the "Verified Hires" badge for their profile and directory listing.

Whereas Hires on Houzz badges are earned without a requirement to transact through Houzz, we do require this for the Verified Hires badge as it's the best way that we can verify your information and confirm its accuracy.

If you’re using Houzz Pro for project management and online payments, this is yet another way we can provide a 3rd party trust signal for your company. 

You’re in control: you can choose whether or not to show these badges, or set a minimum threshold for the count so you’re comfortable with what’s displayed. Learn more about the Verified Hires badge here.

We’re here to help you move your business forward. Tell us what you think by commenting below!

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Leeyen Rogers is a Product Marketing Manager on the Houzz Pro team. San Francisco resident. Drawn to inspiration on Houzz that celebrates compact city living.

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