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New! Import your email conversations to Houzz Pro

Houzz Pro lets you keep all of your client information organized in one centralized place, making it easy to follow up with your clients and never miss a thing.

Leeyen Rogers

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

Getting new leads is exciting, but we know that your goal is to actually close them. Houzz Pro helps you turn more leads into jobs by enabling you to easily organize and follow-up with leads you get from any source.

Our lead management tool lets you see all conversations, files, and progress that correspond to a lead. Had a phone call with a client? Log your call in Houzz Pro and jot down any notes that you or your team may want to reference later. You can move leads from stage to stage so you know when it’s time to follow up. 

You can send professional and accurate estimates from Houzz Pro, and get notified when they’ve been approved. From the moment you receive a message, email, or call from a homeowner to when they send you your final payment - Houzz Pro helps you track all of this information so you don’t miss a thing. 

Learn how to move a conversation with a homeowner from email to Houzz Pro:

You can send messages, files, updates and more to your clients from Houzz Pro. They will receive your messages in their email inbox, and you get to have an organized experience where you always have a birds-eye view of everything that’s going on with your leads and clients. 

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Leeyen Rogers is a Product Marketing Manager on the Houzz Pro team. San Francisco resident. Drawn to inspiration on Houzz that celebrates compact city living.