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The benefits of integrating your QuickBooks Online account with Houzz Pro and how to get started

Our latest integration saves time and improves accounting accuracy and efficiency

Liza Hausman

JANUARY 25, 2021

You’re probably familiar with - or already using - QuickBooks Online - Intuit’s most robust accounting software package geared toward small and medium-sized businesses. Houzz Pro software easily integrates with QuickBooks Online, pushing key information to your accounting system to help you avoid mistakes, save time by ending double-entries, and get your systems aligned.

The Houzz Pro-QuickBooks Online integration allows you to easily sync your estimates, invoices and payments from Houzz Pro to QuickBooks Online. This ensures that all your client-facing documents and payments are automatically added to your QuickBooks Online account, and eliminates the need to do double entry between the two tools.  With the Houzz Pro-QuickBooks Online integration, you can configure your chart of accounts to control where the data will be pushed into QuickBooks, and easily solve any errors using our built-in error center. 

Houzz designed the integration to be simple and clear:

  • One-way sync from Houzz Pro to QuickBooks Online: Pros manage their business in Houzz Pro, their accountants then work with that data pushed to QuickBooks.
  • Easy setup and connection: No need for complicated support to connect or sync your data. 
  • Automatic data push: finalized data is pushed over automatically (approved estimates, invoices and payments)
  • Built-in error center: Houzz Pro surfaces any unsynced documents and offers solutions to solve core problems.

The ability to sync Houzz Pro data to QuickBooks Online is a premium feature and is included with every subscription to Houzz Pro, at any level.  

"I love the efficiency of Houzz Pro. The only other software I use is QuickBooks Online." -Bryan Payne, Home Builder, Many Mansions LLC

Follow these simple steps to setup your Houzz Pro-Quickbooks Online Integration:

  • Ensure you are logged into Houzz, and click on “Your Houzz” in the top right corner
  • Select Houzz Pro Settings from the menu select “Account”, and the click on the “QuickBooks” tab
  • You’ll now follow the four easy steps on the QuickBooks setup page and start syncing (steps are also outlined below).

What’s synced to QuickBooks Online:

Houzz will push over estimates, invoices, and payments to QuickBooks Online, these documents will be pushed automatically when they are committed:

Estimates - estimates are pushed when they are approved by the client.

Invoices - invoices are pushed when they are sent to a client or a payment has been logged on them.

Payments - payments are pushed when they are logged through the system or paid online.

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Liza H

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