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Interior Designer Job Titles & Position Hierarchy

Curious about the different job titles at each stage of the interior design career hierarchy? Read on to learn about responsibilities, salary ranges & more.

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The Complete Guide to Interior Design Job Titles at Every Level

Interior Design is a very creative career with a plethora of pathways to follow. This means that there are a lot of different interior design titles in the career hierarchy. In this article, we will break down the interior design job titles hierarchy so you can set your sights on a career that sounds most interesting to you.

Early Stage Interior Designer Positions and Titles

In the earliest stage of your career, you will likely be looking for interior design position titles that require 0-3 years of experience. Whether you are a new graduate or just making a career switch the interior design titles below are where you will need to start to move up the ladder.  

Junior Interior Designer

A junior interior designer works under the supervision of senior interior designers. They typically perform a wide range of tasks, including creating floor plans, selecting furniture, communicating with clients, and coordinating with vendors. 

Average Yearly Salary: 55k

Interior Design Assistant

Interior design assistants provide administrative support to interior designers. Some of their tasks may include preparing documents, organizing meetings, and handling correspondence with clients and other professionals an interior designer may work with during a project. This position doesn’t require official certification/schooling so it may be a good option for design students or recent grads interested in dipping their toes in & gaining experience prior to becoming an interior designer. 

Average Salary: 43k 

Interior Decorator

An interior decorator specializes in the overall look and feel of a space. Some of their responsibilities include choosing furniture, color schemes, art, and other fixtures needed to complete a space. Interior decorations are commonly confused with each other but they have very different responsibilities. Check out our article The Difference Between Interior Designers vs. Decorators to take a closer look at the differences between the two. 

Average Salary: 50k

Mid-range Interior Designer Positions and Titles

After a few years of experience, you will be able to move up the interior design job titles hierarchy. Next, we’ll dive into what interior design titles to explore after you have some experience under your belt. 

Interior Designer

The most common title in the interior design career is interior designer. An interior designer is responsible for creating spaces that are safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. As an interior designer, you can work at a firm or start your own business. Read our article What Do Interior Designers Do to learn more about their responsibilities. 

Average Salary: 55k 

Visual Merchandiser

A visual merchandiser specializes in the development and communication of visual concepts for a project. Some of their responsibilities include coordinating with marketing and purchasing departments. They may also work with architectural teams to design store spaces and assemble visual displays. 

Average Salary: 38k 

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers develop the concept or plan for manufactured products. They are responsible for determining the need, size, and cost of a product. Industrial designers often work in office settings but they may travel to design centers, and testing facilities to complete a project. 

Average Salary: 69k

Technical Designer

A technical designer works with the design team, manufacturers, and vendors to turn creative ideas into products. Their primary duties can include reviewing design work, developing a plan with the manufacturer, and ensuring that the finished product meets quality standards. 

Average Salary: 62k

Interior Documentor

Interior documentors are responsible for the documentation of interior spaces including drawings of floor plans, and selection of finishes. They work closely with the design team and document processes to complete a project successfully. 

Average Salary: 48k 

Space Planner

A space planner is responsible for determining the functionality of an area. They also coordinate the development of spaces and analyze the information of current spaces throughout a design project. 

Average Salary: 56k

Exhibition Designer

The role of an exhibition designer is to design exhibition spaces for museums, commercial spaces, conferences, and businesses. They are also responsible for conducting research about venues where they will create displays, rendering designers, and working with suppliers, contractors, and other professionals that will help the design come to life. 

Average Salary: 62k

Production Designer

Production designers are responsible for the design of and visual concepts of a theater production, film, or television series. Some of their tasks include finding locations, props, and designing the overall look and feel of an entertainment set. 

Average Salary: 53k

Senior Interior Designer Positions and Titles

As an experienced interior designer you can move on to more advanced interior design firm job titles. As you can tell the level of experience you have will directly correlate to your salary. Read our next guide to learn more about How Much Interior Designers Make

Senior Interior Designer or Executive Director of Interior Design

Senior Interior Designers or Executive Directors of Interior Design lead design projects and teams. Their responsibilities can range from analyzing budgets, overseeing project presentations, and even developing the technical aspects of a project. Senior interior designers typically have 7 or more years of experience. 

Average Salary: 80k

Senior Interior Architect

Senior interior architects are responsible for creating the design for projects. Some of their tasks may include designing and modifying blueprints, analyzing specifications, and visiting project sites to ensure success and completion. Although some of their work overlaps with the responsibilities of interior designers it is still a very different career pathway. Read our article Interior Designer vs. Architect to take a closer look at the differences between the two.


The career progression through interior design job titles can vary. Thankfully, there are many different roles you can take on as an interior designer giving you many options to explore. Finding the right fit takes time, dedication, and overall confidence in your skills. Once you have explored a few interior design positions and titles, you may even start to consider entrepreneurship. Learn more by reading How to Start Your Interior Design Business.

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