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What’s New for Designers in Houzz Pro

Save more time and gain more efficiency with our newly improved Project Tracker, Clipper, Room Planner, and many other Houzz Pro features we have strengthened thanks to your feedback.

Houzz Pro

We’re starting 2023 strong with several new Houzz Pro features based on feedback from you - our Houzz Pro designers. Here’s a breakdown of all product improvements.

Project Tracker

1. Export the original product name in Excel and FF&E reports. This is helpful for tracking and ordering purposes, particularly if you’ve used a generic client-facing name in the original proposal. So, for instance, you can change a name from something like “Gorgeous nickel-finish chandelier” to “Brand X Starshine 6-Arm Nickel-Plated Chandelier.”

2. Export actual images in an Excel report. Instead of having to follow a URL to an image, now you can include the image itself in the report — so you can see all of your product visuals at a glance in one place.

3. Same column order for export. When you export the Project Tracker to Excel, now the columns will be in the same order and will match all the info included in the original. 

4. Add columns for order status and date. See what has been bought and what remains to be purchased without leaving the Project Tracker. You also can keep track of when products were ordered.

5. Instant downloads. You can now download tear sheets, Excel reports and FF&Es directly from the Project Tracker without having to wait for an email to arrive. Plus, you can choose to email a copy of your download.

Learn more about exporting the Project Tracker to Excel


1. Directly add clipped products to a room plan. The Clipper tool lets you quickly gather product info and images from manufacturer’s websites. Now you can add those products into a room plan right as you’re clipping them.

2. URLs saved automatically. If you add a product with or without an image, the Clipper will automatically save the URL of the website it came from, so you can easily find it again as needed.

3. Save data for “next product clipped”. Whenever you save product info with the Clipper, the tool will then save the project, room and markup info for the next product you clip. This saves time when you’re clipping multiple products for one project. Clipping products for different projects at the same time? Just clear the automatically saved info.

Room Planner

1. Cover image improvements. You can easily set a product image, mood board or floor plan as a cover image for your room plan. And whenever there’s a mood board or floor plan for the room and you haven’t manually set a cover image, the cover image will automatically be that mood board or floor plan.

2. Easier item resizing. Just click and drag the arrow at the bottom-right corner of the item.

3. Client viewing notifications. The first time a client views a room plan, you’ll receive an email. After that, the activity stream will show all the client’s views. 

4. Expanded tear sheet exports. Now you can export info about products and services as well as images, mood boards and even floor plans.

5. Easier item moves. You can now drag and drop items from the side panel to a specific place in the room plan. You also can move a product or a service from one room plan to another without leaving the first room plan.

7. Improved product specs editing. We’ve made it easier to view and edit the product specifications, such as color and material.

Learn more about creating and presenting designs with the Room Planner

Financial Management Tools

1. Sync draft documents to QuickBooks Online. Just click the "Sync Now" button to manually sync any document, regardless of status, from Houzz Pro to QuickBooks Online. This means you can see and account for upcoming payments in QuickBooks Online based on drafts documents, for better overall financial visibility.

2. Export payment reports to Excel. A boon for bookkeeping. All it takes is a click. See more about how to generate payment reports here.

3. Better time billing. We’ve made it easier to calculate the hours that team members have worked on projects - you now have the ability to round up or down the time you tracked with the stopwatch and you can easily sum up billed hours. And for designers who’ve moved to the new experience, it’s also easier to reconcile info from the old and new report experiences since the formatting is consistent between the two sets of reports.

4. Invoice codes created automatically. When you draft an invoice, codes will be automatically created — no need to wait until you issue the invoice. See more about creating an invoice here.

5. Customized date range for T&E reporting. You can now select a specific range of dates for the data you want to view.

Files and Folders

1. Create folders and subfolders. Managing and organizing your files well is essential to managing the entire project well. Now you can create both folders and subfolders for even more detailed and customized organization.

2. Use files from the file system for multiple projects components. You can use the same file for documents, takeoffs, tasks, the Room Planner, and more, to save time.

3. Enhanced in-app file preview. Our preview feature now supports a wider range of file types — not just images but PDF, Excel and Word documents and even video.

All of these new options and features are based directly on designer feedback, and there’s no big learning curve — in fact, many of them are intuitive. Start using them today and see how they can improve your workflow and free up some valuable time!

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