Ambassador Blinds
Ambassador Blinds and Interior Design Center, Inc. is truly a homegrown and cultivated business, sprouting from a simple husband and wife team with roots here in the valley, to a long lasting enterprise currently blossoming into its 28th year. We began Ambassador Blinds with the honesty and integrity of a handshake and have instilled our values and work ethic into our now, five grown children. Our employees are trustworthy and loyal, having been a part of our family business for many years.

Our goal is to bring color and design into as many homes as possible at a cost that is attainable by all. We feel that everyone should be able to personalize their home with some uniquely woven fabric; the skilled stroke of a brush; or with the natural beauty of wood, all brought together in a package of warmth and comfort.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on any project you may have, large or small, and will put forth our best effort, helping you turn you house into a home.