ACF China
We are a highly specialized China based boutique consultancy catering exclusively to designers, importers, collectors, dealers and enthusiasts of all things related to Asian style and oriental decor. We carefully select or design-construct unique pieces with a focus on usability, quality and style. ACF is foreign owned and operated with presences in both Hong Kong, Guangdong and Beijing

- We have extensive knowledge of traditional materials, construction and finishing techniques.
- Its been said we have more hand-on experience with Chinese antiques then most.
- We love challenging, complex projects which allow us to utilize the range of our resources.

Services Provided
Custom designwork
Custom made furniture
Antique restoration
Museam quality antiquities

Areas Served
- Retail & Individual sales: only to customers in China and Hong Kong.
- Wholesale: available to the trade only via importers, designers. Minimum quantities apply
- Higher end antiquities: yes, we ship internationally.

Certifications and Awards
- New York Times: Reactionaries? Make That ‘Collectors’ - February 3, 2010
- China Central Television- “Culture Express” - 2004
- Agenda Magazine - Sitting on history: Antique expert Roger Schwendeman reads Chinese history by touching and feeling it - 2009
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Contemporary Asian Stainless Steel Furniture
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