Arbor Doctor
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There are many tree diseases in our trees in the Los Angeles area of California. Having an arborist check out your trees for insect problems, fungal diseases, mites, is essential to keep your trees thriving. If you suspect that you have a sick or diseased tree it is important to have us out today. Things like mushroom growth on or around your tree or shrub may be signs of fungal disease. More obvious effects like leaves changing color, leaves yellowing and branch dieback are very serious problems. Having a tree specialist out to consult with you about your tree will always be better than having a general tree service or landscape company out. We have ISA certified arborists on board WE-9959A.

Other problems like insects damage can be rapid and insects like pine bark beetle can go unnoticed until the needles brown up on your pine tree and it dies in the matter of days. Protecting your valuable trees is the goal of arbor doctor. Holes in the bark, chewing of the leaves, and woodpecker activity are all signs of insect damage on a tree. Some are minor and some insects do major damage in trees. Our method of treatment will rid these harmful insects from your tree.

Services Provided
Tree injections, fertilization, Plant health care, arborist reports

Areas Served
Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Beverly Glen, Burbank, Calabasas, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, woodland hills

Certifications and Awards
Contact: Bryan Gilles
Location: 5760 Las Virgenes RD
Calabasas, CA 91302
License Number: WE9599A
Typical Job Costs: -
Consultation fees separate from injection prices. Prices based on trees to be treated and diseases to be controlled