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25 years of professional photography experience, specializing in architecture and interiors.

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Contact: Richard Leo Johnson
Location: 415 East 44th St.
Savannah, GA 31405
Commented: Porch Please contact This is the interior designer's website and they will be able to answer this for you. Thanks!
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Commented: Just a nosy question from an Atlantan We shot this many, many years ago for our local Savannah Magazine. Here's a link to one of the condos that's on a rental program here. You might start with it:
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Commented: can you pls tell me the color/stain details on the adirondack chairs? Please contact Gregory Vaughn with Kelley Designs: for that information. Thanks!
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Commented: Large planters Sorry don't know....
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Commented: Jane and Richard, where is this located? It's in Raleigh, NC. Here's a link to the architecture firm's website:
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Commented: Lanterns? Love your products! Beautiful workmanship!!
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