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In 1993, American manufacturing was on the decline. Companies across the US were going out of business or moving production overseas. Despite this, our founders believed so strongly in offering quality, upholstered furniture right here on American soil, they took the plunge and created Autrey Furniture in Moultrie, Georgia.
From our modest origins in an 800 square foot backyard shop to the 180,000 square foot nationwide operation running today, we’ve been unwavering in our commitment to being a family-owned business that provides superior products from domestic materials while creating and keeping jobs here in the US.
Today, we offer a wide range of upholstered seating products to the hospitality industry with superior craftsmanship and second-to-none customer service. Approved by top Hotel, FF&E, and Purchasing Companies, we are continually striving to make purchasing and specifying Autrey’s seating a profitable and satisfying experience.
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Autrey Furniture Mfg.
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