Shanghai Linfeng Parquet CO.,LTD

Shanghai Linfeng Parquet CO., LTD. is the factory which can manufacture Bamboo furniture, Bamboo Countertops and Bamboo flooring, also is a producer who produce Hardwood flooring, such as Herringbone flooring and Parquet flooring.

Bob have been working in this company from 2010 over 6 years, when came to this from the first day, our sales cherish each inquiry from each client, more important, we pay much attention for each focus, track the order from begining to the end, deal with shipping documents, so far most of clients are happy with our quality, our service, our experience and want to keep a longer relationship with us.

Services Provided
Hardwood flooring, Parquet, Bamboo countertops, Bamboo furniture

Product inquiry, Price, Technical confirmation, Shipping arrangement and etc.

Areas Served
North America, Europe, Australia

Certifications and Awards
You may see your order process from beginning to end, also we will take care per details.
Contact: Bob Ban
Location: No.1590 West Yanan Road,Shanghai,China