Carpet and Textile
One stops Destination for Indian Arts like Handmade Quilts, Pashmina Shawl, Cashmere Shawl and Summer Scarf; Buy now the best Art work of India. Carpet And Textile is an online store where you can shop Handmade Quilts, Pashmina Shawl, Cashmere Shawl, Summer Scarf, floor carpets etc. Our Unique Hand Crafted and weaved in 100% Natural Organic colors product will give an extra glamour factor in your collection. We are in this business from 2007 and successfully running with our happy customers. Shopping with Carpet And Textile, will give you 100% satisfaction in terms of product quality and customer service.

Services Provided
embroidered bed sheets
printed table covers
contemporary tablecloths
handmade quilts
embroidered quilts
cashmere pashmina shawl
silk scarves for women
black pashmina shawl
designer silk scarves
cushion covers for sofa
cushion covers
fabric wall hangings
quilted wall hanging
unique wall hangings
embroidered pillows

Areas Served
Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, America, Western Europe, Western Asia
Contact: Arpit Agarawal
Location: Shop No. P-105, Chandi Ki Taksal Sirehdyodhi Bazar
Arunachal Pradesh
Commented: Need help for my bedroom Hello Stella, I think for this small and beautiful bedroom you should choose a small size rug like "Hand Knotted Parda Rug" This rug not only looks beautiful but also makes your bedroom more styli...
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Commented: Need help for my living room Check some more Photos of rugs, might be more relevant to your room.. Here is the url where you will find more collection of Rugs
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