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Sara Rivka Dahan is a designer and crafts writer and the creator of, where she shares her love for creativity, design, crafting with kids, container gardening, cooking, and of course life in Israel.

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Contact: Sara Rivka Dahan
Location: Safed 93102
Commented: Were can I get wrapping paper? This is sold at most art supply stores, in the USA it is called Kraft paper, I purchased at my local art supply store.
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Commented: please could you give me some details on how to care for this plant ? This is a Ginseng Ficus, known to be one of the Bonsai varieties that are easy to care for and can be raised indoors or out. Lots of bright light, or even moderate light, and moderate water, meaning l...
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Commented: Houseplant Thanks for all the great info, now have to do some research to get one!
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Commented: what kind of plant is that It is called, strelitzia, bird of paradise.
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Commented: Love the setting. What is the fabric on the main dining chairs? Hi Robin, Could you tell me please what the round object on the wall is, it's lovely!
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