Custom Wine Cellars Inc
Why build your wine cellar with CWC?
Accountability - Our business is based upon providing our customers accountability for the project as a whole. We provide complete services for every phase of your project and each step in the process will be handled directly by an owner.
Customer Satisfaction - Over 90% of our business comes from references, so nothing is more important to us than your ultimate satisfaction.
Continuity - The person you speak with on the phone will be the same person to meet with you in your home, design your cellar and complete your installation.
Experience - We have over 150 completed projects and offer extensive references and site visits to completed cellars in your area.
Reliability - We will come in on time and on budget, guaranteed.
The Process:
Phone or email consultation to discuss your project and if required, arrange an appointment.
One or both of us will visit your home
Initial Site Visit:
Assess potential cellar locations and discuss the benefits and limitations of each site.
Take raw measurements of the selected site to prepare an initial racking design.
Discuss the potential capacity of the selected site.
Discuss which type(s) of cooling system(s) are feasible.
Look at our portfolio of completed projects: Discuss design,lements and materials
Other Considerations: Flooring, Lighting, Doors, Glass Shelves, Etc...
Discuss time frames and follow up actions
A) Custom Wine Cellars can build your room from the ground up.
B) We can work with onsite contractors and provide full specifications and consulting services.
Time Frames:
If you are interested in moving forward you will receive CAD of our proposed design and a detailed proposal in approximately 7-10 days.
Once the final racking design has been agreed upon and a deposit submitted your racking will be delivered in 6-8 weeks. Custom Wine Cellars will meet the delivery at your home and begin installation immediately.
Average installations take from 3-5 days.

If Custom Wine Cellars is building your room for you we will complete the project within the 8-9 weeks the racking will take to be built. Generally, we will be onsite for most of the first two weeks and for only one or two days during the intervening period between room completion and racking delivery.

Services Provided

Areas Served
U.S.A. Primarily NY Metro but we have projects across the country.
Location: Valley Cottage, NY 10920
Typical Job Costs: $20,000 - 40,000
Estimate based upon a turn key cellar project(Racking/Cooling/ Room Construction)with a capacity of approximately 1,000 bottles. Of course each project is different and costs will vary accordingly.