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New home and renovation contractor who makes every client a primary focus. Working one project at a time to give the attention to detail and craftsmanship needed for a higher quality standard. Working to make homes outstanding, performing above and beyond expectations for every client.

Services Provided
New Home Remodeling, Renovations, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Office spaces, Room Specific Project Renovations, Add On Projects.

Areas Served
North Shore of Massachusetts.

Certifications and Awards
General Contractor Licensed and Insured
Contact: David Clough
Location: P.O Box 424
Manchester, MA 01944
Commented: Fireplace surround? We have used "Ming green" tiles 12x12 for a surround and found it goes well with just about everything. It stays in style and doesn't get outdated as well. We live in MA try Tonys in Stoneham Ma.
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Commented: Anyone recognize this squarish Toilet Put in new ones for $100-$150 and save yourself the trouble. If your gonna pay $50 for a seat cover. If it's from the 80's you might want more efficient ones as well.
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Commented: What to do with this fireplace Paint it white and put a nice big wood mantle and it will look amazing.
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Commented: I need help picking out a kitchen sink I'd go with the farm sink....it won't chip, looks great, and the drop in has a rim that's hard to clean.
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Commented: Bathroom venting If you don't vent through the roof it will put moisture in the attic and could make mold. To do it right you need to vent through the roof.
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Commented: Second Fridge or Freezer at Home? We have a pantry with a second fridge and freezer....but we also have 6 kids.
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