Panamerican Logix Corp.
This company is owned by 3 individuals having more than 10 years of experience in the field of leather industry and interior design. Together we built a family, not just for business but to serve our customers with loyalty, to give them the cowhide rugs they deserve.

We choose our hides from the best tanneries in South America for cowhide rugs thus ensuring every product is of excellent quality.

Areas Served
Interior designers, architects, home owners
Contact: Deco Hides
Location: 19900 E Country Club Dr. # 807
Aventura, FL 33180
Commented: Amazing Cowhide application on this pillow, if you are looking to buy a cowhide go to
Commented: Amazing Cowhide if you want to buy cowhides go to
Commented: Can I pickup cowhide in person? Or is it shipping service only ? Hi Sebastian. If you can pick it up at our warehouse in Miami it is OK. But please note that this is not a showroom, no specific selection of the cowhide is available, you will only receive the cowhid...
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Commented: Is this black & white Hi, yes. It is a natural black/white cowhide rug. Any additional questions please feel free to ask. Cheers.
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Commented: Rug HI, I wanted to follow up on your case. HOw is the cowhide today? Have you rolled it out for at least 3 days (roll it with the hair out)? These should make the folding marks dissapear.
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Commented: Shipping to Canada Yes we alway ship to Canada
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