Design House Architecture
Company Mission
To create simple, bold designs using sound aesthetic & practical principles, in order to maximise site potential, improve our built environment & achieve client satisfaction. We specialise in Residential design, & also provide conceptual and detailed design solutions for hospitality, commercial and education clients nationwide.

At Design House Architecture we are actively up-skilling in the field of sustainable design, with the goal of creating comfortable, healthy, energy efficient buildings. We are working closely with energy professionals & clients, when incorporating energy efficient design into projects.

With experience comes an understanding of the need for simplicity of structure, which leads to a simplicity of form & the use of proven materials. Balance, proportion, scale & context are all carefully considered in design. Our organic style structures are designed to be non-competing with their environment, yet bold enough to distinguish them as being inspired by it.

Areas Served

Certifications and Awards
2014 ADNZ National Design Awards
Winner Norton House - Residential Additions & Alterations

2013 ADNZ National Design Awards
Winner Campbell House - New Homes up to 150m2
Finalist Jull House - New Homes over 300m2