devrai design
devraidesign works at the intersection of architecture, interiors and landscape. Since it’s founding in 2003, devraidesign specializes in thoughtful architectural spaces. Designs reflect user and spatial needs and explore materials and texture. Locally available material and craft are artistically used to create interest in the most mundane settings. Interior spaces are addressed holistically and effectively combined with the outdoors.

We believe that good design is incomplete without excellent detail and almost all projects feature furniture, fittings custom-designed for the space. Each project is looked as a new exploration in creativity and innovation backed by past experiences. We envision projects as metamorphic and not stagnant, and design spaces/elements which will continue to renew the look and feel of the space over time.

We are located in Berkeley, CA.
Commented: What is the wall coloring and leaf pattern in this room? The wall is clad in flame finished black granite, the pattern is hand chiselled.
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