The Sanctuary/Elemental Muse Design
"Creating Living Sanctuary: Nature-Based Healing Arts, Design, and Redesign for Restoration and Renewal"

My work is an exploration of our essence in relationship with Nature and our internal and external environment. The internal environment includes purpose; mind-body/emotional-metabolic health and wellbeing; eco-conscious living, healthy eating, and lifestyle; reciprocal relationships (social, family, intimate partnerships, Earth/nature); and work-life balance. The external environment consists of our home and workspace; social, cultural, and economic communities; and natural-built surroundings.

All artwork, design, and redesign is created from aesthetic sustainable materials, furnishings, and accessory elements that are vintage/antiques, upcycled/recycled, salvage/architectural salvage, reclaimed, repurposed, and/or made of a renewable resource.

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Professional Affiliations:
American Psychological Association, Division 34 (Society for Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology)
Association for Transpersonal Psychology
Environmental Design Research Association

Areas Served
Contact: Myra Miller
Location: Miami, FL 33116