Gloria Jaroff, A.I.A.
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A Unique Color System bringing luminosity and animation into your environment by harnessing the Power of Nature’s Colors and Light. I help you build your dream by pre-visualizing alternates of your interior (or façade) in a full color rendering before investing your money in paint and furnishings. Or view 30 dynamic palettes in, The Nature of Color in Interior Design, available on

I have found that reproducing the essence of luminosity in a scene with a flat paint color is an exercise in futility. Understanding that interior environments are static is the best way to accept that selecting one color is never too important. The STORY is first and it determines the PALETTE. The right combination of colors, textures, lighting and most importantly - some type of movement will capture the "essence" of that STORY and breathe life or animate an interior environment.

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Member American Institute of ArchitectsLicensed architect New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
Contact: Gloria Jaroff, A.I.A.
Location: 2700 Neilson Way, #431
Santa Monica, CA 90405
License Number: City of Santa Monica 113460
Commented: Need dramatic rug for living room I see you are a "high contrast" personality. But I would tone down the colors more in the medium to dark ranges (since the floor is very light) like the colors in the photo of the comment ab...
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Commented: Design Debate: Painting wood ceilings white — For or Against? It is so dependent on the "Story" you are telling - isn't it?
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Commented: Does this work together? Absolutely. lots of nice movement going on with the "grey" story
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Commented: Need help with living room If I am right, assessing the color you chose for the walls, you are a high contrast person. adding neutrals in large areas would kill the room. Working with everything you have (the curtains are fine...
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Commented: POLL: How do you want your home to feel? The home should tell you the way it wants to feel. It is a living, breathing entity telling its own STORY depending on five things: The lighting, orientation (North,East,South,West), building material...
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