Goodrich Global Singapore
At Goodrich, we believe in helping you create a living space you can call your own. That's why we have developed an extensive collection of wallcoverings, carpets, fabrics, and floorings to cater to your every desire, so that you can have the freedom to create a furnished ambience that reflects who you are.

"Enlivening Your Cover Story"...

At Goodrich Global, walls do not divide space, but make it whole. To us, a wall is like a piece of white canvas for one to express one’s utmost imagination and flair for living. It is a soul-space. A script that underlines the passion and attitude for living.

As the leader in wallcovering, our existence transcends beyond just beautifying space. Above all else, we see every wall with Goodrich as an expression of a unique cover story.

This is the ONE inspiration behind all we do, now and in the future.

Areas Served