3DFX Solutions, Inc.
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3DFX Solutions is a 3D Design and Rendering company that was started in 2006 by Gray Harris. His passion has always been residential design and construction, and he also has worked on commercial projects of varying sizes. We strive to make the construction and remodeling process as easy as possible for all our clients. Whether you are a contractor, architect, designer, or private homeowner, our goal is to help you build your project in a 3D virtual environment. By doing this, we can help you save thousands of dollars by knowing what is going into your project before you ever begin construction. Once your design has been created, we offer services to help create a set of construction drawings for permitting so you can give to your contractor for construction. Our goal has been and always shall be to help build your world in 3D!

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The owner of 3DFX Solutions, Inc. is an AutoCAD Certified Professional who is currently studying to become an AutoCAD Certified Training Professional.
Contact: Gray Harris
Location: Huntersville, NC 28078