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Home Design Consulting - Our 3D home design rendering services help you visualize the potential of your real estate before you do any home renovation, remodeling, or sell your real estate property.

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Commented: Galley kitchen remodel, knock down wall, refinish cabinets I think that opening up the wall would be a great idea especially if it is not load bearing. However you will have a back door, the adjacent small window and the larger window located on the same wal...
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Commented: Window treatment suggestions What about cellular blinds that are room darkening shades. They could be room darkening shades and work well as an inside mount. I think this may work for your space. Best of luck, Home Design Cons...
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Commented: French Country on the Brick Exterior with paint . Thoughts? I think if you are going with the paint color as you suggested you need to go with a darker side lites, door andshutters. Possibly a mahogany / brown door and complimentary side lites. The shutters ...
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Commented: Mantle height Just a note: There is also a minimum vertical distance from the the firebox to anything flammable like your mantle. Be sure that you meet the distance. Also I don't think the mantle looks too high ...
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Commented: Carpet vs Laminated floors I would go with laminate flooring definitely. It is much more durable than carpet over time. So you may have to pay more but it will look good longer. There are many different types of laminate floo...
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Commented: Which backsplash??? I have to agree with tgb1. I feel a little color would be good to blend the countertops with the cabinets. You don't have to go dark just complementary to the look of the kitchen. Good luck! Home De...
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