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Contact: Paul
Location: 1237 OXFORD ST
Commented: Is a drain really needed for a deck mounted shower head? Got a web link to the model you are talking about?
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Commented: Waterproofing for shower/tub combo If the video is how he plans to install the shower, it is an excellent method. The only gripe I have is the use of chicken wire on the walls which is not to TCNA standards. Otherwise, the waterproofin...
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Commented: reuse remaining bathroom subfloor No, you just need to be sure the new subfloor is secure and up to speed.
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Commented: GC First, Then Engineer Sadly we see this all the time, which allows me to make a very nice living fixing such idiotic mistakes. Hacked joist sagging every time they used the tub. Gee, I wonder why ?
in Remodeling  
Commented: Air Switch - Does brand matter? We've installed the insinkerator ones for a very long time. Not one complaint yet.
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Commented: Blotchy grout And the grout is a bit too low anyway. Shouldn't see the edges of the tile quite that much. If this were my job, I'd spend the PITA time taking out the old grout, (solves the grout, sealing, and thins...
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