Bartok design Japan Co.
Since the early 2000s, we have designed and built hundreds of wooden soaking tubs to be exported around the globe. All of our baths are made by master craftsmen who are second or third generation bath builders. We exclusively use Japanese wood such as hinoki (Japanese cypress), sawara (also a Japanese cypress), asnaro (another in the cypress family)

Services Provided
Baths, Bespoke Bathroom Vanities, Taps, Design & Installation Advice

Areas Served
Worldwide, Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas, Scandinavia
Contact: Iacopo Torrini
Location: 〒650-0002
Professional Information:
I am an Italian architect working in Japan.
I design, produce and market worldwide Japanese soaking tubs made of native Japanese wood such as hinoki.
Typical Job Costs: $3,000 - 20,000
Our baths are made to order. On the lower end of the scale you can choose our 'standard size' kadomaru tub which is around $3000. Shipping costs are added. We use FedEx or DHL predominately as the cheapest most reliable option these days (vs ocean freight which is risky, lengthy and not necessarily cheap)