Jermax International Inc.
3 generations ago a musical instrument maker decided to teach his children about the art of woodworking. He was young, and fervently in love with his job. He taught his children the sacred nature of trees, and the importance of respecting their beauty and existence. He taught his children that molding something beautiful out of wood, was a way of honoring God’s creations, and exploiting and disrespecting the tree would conversely disrespect and desecrate God’s pristine creations. John is the third generation designer who has followed in his ancestor’s tradition, by bring his authentic old world craftsmanship skills into his customized designs. With over 28 years in the industry, John has a wealth of experiences. In a very short period of time, because of his profound skills, talent, and integrity, John has managed to earn a great and highly respected reputation among his customers and peers. Because of John’s valuable skill set and esteemed reputation, Jermax has rapidly grown popular, shining among its competitors.

Services Provided
custom kitchen custom bathroom ceiling interior remodeling and renovation glass walls glass etching traditional style transitional libraries concert halls cabinet design carpentry wood crafting glass design glass art wood art home design wood decor glass decor hand-crafted wood carvings 3D carvings entry doors molding crafted columns sand blasting etching on glass/ mirrors shower door custom islands, peninsulas, custom cabinets

Areas Served
Southern California
Contact: Ronak Darakeh
Location: 7849 Canoga Ave.
Canoga Park, CA 91304