J.C. Sterling Fine Furniture
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J.C. Sterling Fine Furniture stands apart from the rest because I believe your furniture should be a beautiful work of art that connects you to nature and to the future generations that will inherit your investment.

I invite you to make a deeper connection to the furniture I design and build for you. Be a part of the design process by playing an active role in selecting the wood that will be used in the final piece. Sit down with me to discuss one-on-one (or two) exactly what your vision is for the furniture you would like built. Connect with the surrounding forests that grew the trees that I use. Trust me; you’ll end up with more than a beautiful piece of furniture

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Custom Furniture and Accessories.

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United States
Contact: john sterling
Location: 3855 Creek Road
Commented: Interesting large tray how big ?
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Commented: furniture name? the case appears to be veneer however the shelves appear to be solid. hard to tell from the photo. if solid you can try sanding (start with 100,120,180) or you can try bleach. you will likely only be ...
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Commented: Wood countertops, starting to crack al fortunate has it correct. that is clearly water damage and glue failure. not much to do about that. Those cracks won't get any smaller ,but you may be able to arrest them by sealing around the sink...
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Commented: Flat front cabinets yes you can. You may have to sand the cabinet area where you want to apply the moulding so glue would have a good surface to adhere to.
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Commented: Is MDF door casing really okay in my bathroom?? MDF has benefits and many flaws. on the benefit side the material is stable and flat and very inexpensive and it looks very nice when painted. on the negative side mdf is like a sponge for water. if ...
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Commented: POLL: Does your house have a name? my house was formerly a cabin and came with a weathered sign on the front that read "sans souci" the sign is now on the large screened in porch and the house retains the name.
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