John Prindle
Contributing home tour photographer for Houzz; Photographer and Freelance Writer

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-architectural photography
-event photography

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Portland area
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Location: Portland, OR
Commented: I love the couch, what's the style and what store did it come from? Most of this family's furniture was bought at cool second-hand stores. I remember her telling me that they had this couch reupholstered.
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Commented: Is that a zipline Yes. Super-cool zip line!
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Commented: Nice bathroom! Can you tell me about the elephant print? Not sure. It was a cool print though. I looked at it for a while: full of scenes that make up the elephant's body. If you ask your question in the main body of the article, the homeowner might answer...
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Commented: end tables almost all of the furniture (tables, etc.) came from various estate sales...
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Commented: Love these railings in wood? Where did you get this done? It's Morse Code... each family member's name
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Commented: beautiful and efficient cabinets and coutertop I believe the whole cabinet/countertop is from IKEA
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