Kanect Cabinet System
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You change nearly everything in your life, from a new hair style to a more versatile tablet to a smarter phone to a cooler car.

But when it comes to your home, as much as you love it, besides for the trimmings you may change here and there, it stays pretty much the same.

Until now. The Kanect Cabinet System allows you to completely change the look of your home’s cabinetry like never before.

Once the Kanect System is installed, you (yes, you—no specialized carpentry skills required) can completely change the facade of your cabinets in about an hour.

How will you redesign your home?
Imagine the possibilities. Install a new color scheme to set the mood for parties, holidays, or seasons. Your visitors will feel they’ve entered a new home each time you make this transformation.

The cost? The initial installation of the Kanect System only costs 3%-5% more than typical cabinets. Once the system is in place, each set of additional cabinet doors, fronts, and panels costs less than 20% of a brand new cabinet remodel. That’s 5 kitchens for the price of 1!

A greener option. Help reduce the environmental impact of kitchen remodeling by choosing Kanect. Never throw out cabinets again, just change the facade.

Resale appeal. Ready to sell your home and the potential buyer doesn't like your cabinets…. No big deal! You have the Kanect System. This ability to transform helps ensure you never lose a sale because of the kitchen!

Services Provided
Cabinet Refacing, Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Areas Served
Adell, Cascade, Elkhart Lake, Gibbsville, Hingham, Howards Grove, Kohler, Oostburg, Plymouth, Sheboygan, Sheboygan Falls, Waldo
Contact: Dana Altier
Location: 202 Pine Street
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085
Typical Job Costs: $5,000 - 20,000