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Handcrafted in the heart of Burgundy, Lacanche French Ranges offer the highest expression of culinary art to both cooking enthusiast and professional chef alike.

Blending exquisite French artistry with a long tradition of craftsmanship in metal, Les Pianos Gastronomes have fulfilled an unwavering caliber of culinary excellence for over 250 years. Unparalleled in its commitment to the spirit of French culture, Lacanche brings long-standing heritage to the home, and family back to the table.

As a family-owned company, displaying unique craft skills and manufacturing excellence, Lacanche has been awarded the distinction of ‘Living Heritage Company’ (‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ or EPV) by the French Ministry for the Economy and Industry.

Areas Served
New York
Location: 1133 Broadway
New York, NY 10010
Commented: Lacanche again: Cluny vs Sully Bonjour @lincoln97 ! Let us know how we can help with any questions large or small. Food is much smaller than we think, and the more intimate ovens do lend to a truly wonderful cooking style, not wa...
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Commented: Help! 27 9/16" Lacanche Range in 30" Gap? How to Fill? Bonjour Lillian! Let us know if we can connect you with our Service and Support Department - you are not the first to run into this dilemma. Happy shopping! Lacanche US
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Commented: Considering Lacanche Range after Wolf disillusionment. Advice please! Bonjour BlueScooterGirl! So exciting :) You are in perfect hands on this forum, but just keep in mind that more intimate , 'tradiitional' ovens have so many benefits in baking, roasting or the lik...
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Commented: Does the Lacanche range top bar “get in the way”?” Bonjour Jess ! There is definitely a learning curve to any new oven Range, and Lacanche is no different. Getting the 'feel' will take a moment, but we've not heard owners having grave issues with th...
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Commented: Is an oven light (or lack there of)a deal breaker? Bonjour lincoln97 ! We definitely have lights now :)
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Commented: Lacanche gas oven...any regrets? Happy Shopping Rae and let us know if we can help at all !!
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