Kunstschmied Mark Prouse Elements
Welcome to Mark Prouse Elements

Artist blacksmith business based in Germany (Vettelschoss, near Linz am Rhein) – mainly specializing in hot forged iron, bronze, copper and brass – although we also occasionally work in stainless steel and other more exotic metals.
We still practice traditional methods of fabrication but also use more contemporary technology when this enhances the quality of an object, both aesthetically and the process of manufacture.
More often than not today, when a client contacts us for gates, railings, window grills, etc., they have in mind a piece of work that is not only functional but with a form suited to the situation for which piece has been designed.
This interaction with clients is our specialty. Being a small business, we are able to work closely with them to create a unique, customized piece of metal work.
Aside from the more practical side of art metal work are the sculptures we have designed and created - some of which are still available directly from "Mark Prouse Elements" or one of the galleries and exhibitions listed on the "News" page of this website.
We are looking forward to your contact.
Mark Prouse
Contact: Mark Prouse
Location: Kalenbornstr. 86
53560 Vettelschoss