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RƎhabitat is an italian-based brand about architecture, design and construction. Created by architects Luca and Matteo Cazzaniga the head office is based in the Milan area and provides a specific taste of italian approach to architecture. High level design choices, accompanied by attention to details and techological solutions make our works different.
With RƎhabitat return under the spotlight the desires and tastes of the people who really live its home daily and without undergoing it.

Services Provided
Architectural planning
Interior design
Construction advice

Areas Served
Italy and all its Regions.
All areas and people interested in having an italian taste in their home.
Contact: Matteo Cazzaniga
Location: 20842 Milan
Commented: Need a construction manager We do all this kind of stuff regularly here. We're a bit distant :-) If you need some help though write us.
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Commented: Porta scorrevole? Consigli? Ciao Nora, per le porte scorrevoli la soluzione esteticamente più valida è certamente quella a scomparsa. E' però anche quella più invasiva, in quanto richiede l'installazione di un cassonetto all'int...
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Commented: Design dilemma If you're into a quite strong work, you should make a bigger kitchen transforming the actual one by adding the dining area to it. It would be awesome with that large living room you have.
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Commented: Need inspiration for the front of my house and driveway! Well, to me the facade looks really nice, at least it has potential! I would play with some colours above all with the pilasters, columns and decorations. An anthracite painting of these details would...
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Commented: Looking to create as much space as possible Any news about the purchasing? I would definitely like to see how the house look like, its facades and so on. Maybe we could think to a general overview of it, to match the exteriors with the more mod...
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