Amelia Bennett
I have a studio where I make soft furnishings, sell fabrics, furniture, accessories, and other hand made things.

Areas Served
Contact: Amelia Bennett
Location: 218 N Lee St Suite 4
Alexandria, VA 22314
License Number: 1150-16
Commented: WHERE CAN I GET THOSE GREAT THROW PILLOWS? We make these pillows, some incorporate needle point of tapestry pieces the client collected. Go to my website for more info:
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Commented: love the sofa's! The fabric is a heavy cotton damask
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Commented: do you lay the rug on an angle, as well, or would it remain the same as the fireplace? The Rug is also at an angle, because it is the right size to do that. If the rug is room size, it works better if it stays with the angels of the room. There are a number of smaller rugs in this roo...
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Commented: Window treatments These are custom made drapery, made in my sewing workshop classes. The fabric is 100% silk taffeta with a satin ribbon plaid. I believe it was a Bengal House fabric, but it had an issue we had to wo...
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Commented: My clients and I made these window dressings together in my workshops. It is so much fun to sew together!
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Commented: You may be able to buy a copy of this, but this is an original. The panel behind the statue is 2 different color ways of the same pattern, in a diamond shape, you can pick out the contrast, that "f...
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