L & L Ever-Green, Inc.
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L & L Ever-Green has been in the plant business for over 40 years: growing plants, selling them, designing with them and installing them.

40 years is a long time in an industry where companies spring up overnight, and disappear just as quickly. We like to think that our commitment to service, and our ability to understand what our customers want and need, is what has kept us growing long after others have withered away.

We’ve never wavered from our initial goals. L & L Ever-Green continues to source and stock the finest plant material in our wholesale nurseries, and to provide thoughtful, imaginative, sustainable design solutions to our landscape clientele.

Services Provided
Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Installation ,Landscape Design,Plant Material ,Bulk Material,Tools

Areas Served
Located in southern Connecticut, we’re a landscape design/install firm and wholesale plant nursery.