New Life Lawn & Landscape, LLC
Precision Lawn & Landscaping was founded in the spring of 1999, by the owner and operator, Jon Jacobi.

Jon has been in the lawn care and landscaping field since 1994, beginning with mowing lawns with his father, which took him from yard to yard on Saturdays. It quickly grew into a passion to help people maintaine and create their outdoor dreams.

In 2002, Jon graduated from Vincennes University with a AS Degree in Horticulture and Landscape Management. From that point forward Jon has been the owner and operator of Precision Lawn & Landscaping. He and his wonderful employees, through the years, have formed a very strong brotherhood that both work well together and yet enjoy each day at work together.

On May 31, 2003, William Jones founded a small company and called it “WJ LAWNCARE”. William handed out 1000 flyers and talked to people he knew about the new company that had been formed, which resulted in a grand total of six clients in its first year. The company continued to grow through both hills and valleys in times of struggles and success. Through the many experiences, and not really knowing where to go with all the time and resources that had been invested into the company, William dedicated his business to the Lord in January of 2009. The Lord has blessed WJ LAWNCARE and has also tested the faith of the staff of the company.

In 2009, the team came up with the creative slogan of, “Bringing New Life to Your Lawn”. This idea expressed just how God can bring new life to us if we ask for it.

That year Susan Jones (William’s Wife) took over the billing side of the business and Danny DeVault was added as a right-hand-man for William.