Nile River Landscaping
I started my lawn services in 2011. It's been a big joy and it's my pleasure to work with all the different clients throughout the years. I realized real quickly how important it is in the lawn and landscaping business to provide the best customer service and the utmost honesty to the clients at all time.

Recognizing that there are infinite opportunities and services in this business that I can provide to my clients, I was determined and fully committed to taking landscaping related classes at Truckee Meadows Community College in 2013.

After hours and hours of commitment, I was finally issued the contractor license I've been hoping to get. I cannot wait to have the chance to work with new clients and be able to apply the knowledges I gained throughout the years.

Services Provided
Nile River Landscape, LLC has the services and dedication to meet your needs.

We offer many services to meet your landscape needs and most budgets. Full service clients come first as their loyalty has built our company.

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups
Premium Lawn Care
Ornamental Shrub and Tree Pruning: Hand Pruning
Lawn Seeding/Sod and Hydro Seeding
Seasonal Grounds Maintenance
Contact: Carlos
Location: Reno, NV 89523