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Bill Noland is a west coast native and has been landscaping for nearly thirty years. Noland Landscape Design is an award winning licensed retail nursery, plant broker and design company that takes great pride in developing gardens that reflect the unique personalities of the home owners and the architecture of the house. Bill Noland approaches each garden as a living piece of art that is custom designed being mindful of water use, sustainability and long term enjoyment. Noland Landscape Design has designed and built gardens in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Missouri.

Areas Served
Contact: Bill Noland
Location: PO Box 9962
Seattle, WA 98109
Typical Job Costs: $20,000 - 200,000
Commented: What kind of moss is that can be grown in full sun? Hello, thank you for your question. The groundcover to the far left is Herniaria glabra 'Green Carpet.' In the center, where the groundcover has knited together, the dark green "moss" is Sag...
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Commented: What tree is this? Thanks for your question. It is an old rhododendron bush that has had the lower limbs removed to form a small, multi-trunked tree. Cheers!
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Commented: How could I make my Scott loss greener, fertilizer?? Hi, Thanks for your question. I have found that “Scotch Moss” does have a tendency to look a bit brownish after winter. It usually greens up as the weather gets warmer. It needs regular weekly wat...
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Commented: Fish Yes, and they do in a couple of ways in this photo, you just can’t see them. First, there is a motion detector that turns on a sprinkler system when activated. It has been successful in deterring rac...
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Commented: Fence Hello, thanks for your question. Don Flintoff who owns All Seasons Deck and Fence did the work. He's a great guy, a marvelous craftsman and fairly priced. Their phone number is (206) 781-1863. Tel...
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Commented: Will the bad weeds go thru the moss pads? The best way to control weeds is with proper soil preparation and regular maintenance. If the land is first cleared of weeds and then a thick layer (4 - 5” or more) of compost is applied before plant...
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