Palmetto Brick
We have the capacity to produce more than 150 million Palmetto brick annually in our manufacturing facilities in Wallace, SC.

Totaling more than 400,000 square feet, each facility houses some of the latest in brick manufacturing equipment – which allows us to create a wide assortment of sizes and colors. From traditional reds and grays to earth tone browns and blacks, we can match most any color within your design palette.

And the recent addition of our new state of the art commercial plant has brought an even higher level of technology and quality control to brick making at Palmetto Brick.

From the robotic handling to the series of computer-controlled processes and stringent emission control systems, our 117,000-square-foot commercial manufacturing facility is one of the most innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly brick plants in the country.

Services Provided
Brick, Thin Brick, Pavers, Block, Mortar, Landscaping

Areas Served
North America
Contact: Palmetto Brick
Location: 3501 Brickyard Road
Wallace 29596