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Unique handcrafted, custom made furniture. Bohnhoff Woodworking will design or collaborate with your ideas creating a one of a kind piece of furniture to fit your individual needs and style.

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Richmond Va, Washington DC, Philadelphia Pa, New York, Baltimore Md, Raleigh Durham NC
Contact: David Bohnhoff
Goochland, VA
Commented: Need advice on insulating a 1949 concrete block house. I had a block house with a flat roof on the N.C Outer Banks built in 1960. Insulating the ceiling helped keep the solar gain in the house longer. The block was stucco finished on the exterior no R va...
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Commented: Design help A stained glass piece would look nice there. Try to find a piece about the same size as the window.
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Commented: Tall deck needs skirting/design ideas This is a common issue in beach environments checkout what people do along the coast you might gain some nice outdoor storage and add a decorative element to your backyard. Look to beach rentals or b...
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Commented: Kitchen Floor? I like Cherrry with ambrosia Maple. Check out Wellborn+ Wright here on Houzz under Richmond Va Specialty Contractors. Lots of ideas to look at using reclaimed material.
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Commented: Cottage renovation opinions needed! I would not hesitate to take the walls to the ceiling. You might want to consider removing some of the paneling add drywall and color to brighten the space. Closets need to be at least 24" deep insid...
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Commented: Floating shelves Glad you found something you can use.
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