Richwood Creations
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Richwood Creations, located in Kidron, Ohio, is more than just a line of high-end wood products and rustic home decor. It is also a non profit created to help support surrounding communities. With the support, generosity, inspiration and creativity of many wonderful people, Richwood Creations was founded in the summer of 2012 in an effort to provide local employment, and funding for Young Life Ministries in Central Appalachia.

Our Mission:
Richwood Creations' intent is to sustain jobs, and raise money to keep Young Life Ministries strong and vibrant in a community that is desperately in need. Your support of this not-for-profit artisan wood business is literally changing lives in the heart of Appalachia. All materials and resources are sourced locally or within the state.

Each piece of wood is hand selected for every order. After perfecting our customer's design, personalized orders are engraved onto the wood through a unique laser process. We then package it with care and send it on its way! From start to finish, we prioritize meticulous attention to detail and a handmade authenticity.

Areas Served
USA, Globally, Kidron, Ohio
Contact: Steve Gerber
Location: PO Box 250
6075 Kidron Road
Kidron, OH 44636
Typical Job Costs: $25 - 100
Commented: Is the base wood maple and the state insert cherry? How thick is it? Also, the wood is approximately 1/2" thick!
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